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CMT level massage ending deep and sloppy
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Seeking recommendations or input on a CMT level massage that is deep tissue and focused on getting knots out of the back. A regular massage that one would get at a spa from licensed therapist. On the flip  ending in BBBJCIM . All this in a donation of $200.00, any recs?

Many top-notch ladies here that can deliver what you want, but that you're going to get crickets unless you  raise your budget a little.  This is San Diego, California, not Moose Turd, Montana.  

My budget can go up to $500.00. With that said did you have an actual recommendation to make since you reference "many top-notch ladies" in your post.

get my vote, but I have not seen that many FBSM providers in SD.   I'm usually a FS guy.  Unless there is a screening or safety issue, at $500, you should get some PM's.

Completely false and there are plenty for way less than 200 even.

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Many folks here rave about Pamelaa D'Amante.

Roxienotroxanne is the only call you should make...
You'll need increase your psi said....THIs IS SAN DIEGO DUDE!

And an "Oral Connoisseur"  

But don't take my word for it.

Please peruse my Website and TER reviews.
Additionally and elsewhere, reviews can be found on
the Net luv.

Angelina is a fine cmt and would almost assuredly include bbbj at the finish.

And not wanting to step in the middle of everything, I bet her competitive rate is considerably less than 500.

Another wonderful choice would be vivianna love.  A true holistic health practitioner. One step up from a CMT. May or may not be hard to book.  Famous for her happy beginning and happy ending.  V's rates are not in the stratosphere either.

You have choices, man.  

Thank you kindly @Phi68psi! ;)

Yes, assuredly, and savoring other accoutrements
 is included if one desires,  
hence the donation price-point.

Angelina Jones

Do other Providers offer additional "accoutrements"  
as do I, as part of their Fbsm?  
I'm gathering from speaking to my Clients, that this is not
common, and if so, it becomes an "upsell".

I'd say Roxy gives a better massage. Strong lady.

Gives a great massage, is at your budget, and goes above and beyond. Look up her reviews. Pamelaa is also at your budget and in central SD. Ive seen her twice and left happy both times.

I believe Acsd is referring to me as he is one of my most kind and wonderful spa guests. I'd love to get my hands on you! XO 😘

I've posted a review on that Caressa and she does not do any extras and barely delivers a HJ

Just to be clear I am NOT that Caressa... I’m sorry you had a bad experience with her! Please allow me to give
ladies named Caressa a good name! I promise you won’t be disappointed...😊

Send me a PM and I have an excellent recommendation for a sloppy DT happy ending

Karly Phoenix was hands down the best ever at what you are looking for, but she is a flake.  You might be waiting in the car for hours while she takes just a few more minutes.

Vivianna Love is a close second, and is reliable.  So is Pamella.

For sure, very solid, great people skills (and of course . . .), sexy, caring

Cum see what I have to offer ...
You won't be disappointed I promise!
Kisses that make your heart race,

That’s about right  
200/hr for what you mention
Usually it’s a intro massage and two happy rounds.  
While the 150/hr is combo  

My fees are for those that seek the traditional “happy massages”  but with oral included  at the end. Or the other way around. So you can then enjoy the real massage. After the oral welcoming. Hehehe  

Look up my availability for In calls . Outcalls are also available.  


I find that, with only a few exceptions, the Mexican ladies are among the best with oral including NQNS.  Muy caliente!

Any recommendations beyond anyone that's already been mentioned?

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