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Her TER profile lists "anal  Yes".  Her P411 profile lists "Greek goddess".  Her donation shows $$$$ for 60 minutes so while setting up a meet I ask what the surcharge is for a trip to the Greek isles.  She responds, '$ but YMMV'.  I indicate that I will be bringing my visa and the extra $ will be in the envelope.  The day arrives, we meet, and are very comfortable but at the moment of truth she declines to take me on the anticipated tour.  Does she refund the $ as she has backed out of having her back door entered?  Do I ask for a refund of the $?  Do I ask for a refund of $+ as I wouldn't have scheduled a meet except to try her ass?  Thanks.

Thats just totally rude if not.I understand that greek can be a ymmv situation but to charge extra then not perform she should refund the surcharge for sure.

YMMV is the red flag.  If she has reviews you would see if she enjoys Greek prior to booking.  If she does not have reviews stating she enjoys anal, then she is a liar & just trying to get more $.  I understand not everyone has the same size pleasure tool, but most Greek Freaks will at least attempt to try.  I would want my $ back if I booked based on that fact, but does she have reviews that state this fact?  IDK all the details about this provider, but many fake it to make it & will post offering services they have no clue on how to provide.  Read the reviews here 1st.

Does the Queen speak Greek?

I will gladly bend you over no problem, but no the Queen does not take it in her ass.  

No thank you.  I don't foresee any pleasure in pegging. Try myfav69 as he claims to love taking it in the ass.

Since you were mainly looking forward to Greek and there was a surcharge that you did pay for , I think she should at least give the surcharge back .

My perspective:

YMMV with Greek I would personally think it would be mostly due to the size of the participant more than her perhaps not being Greek able... Unless she had hot wings for lunch then maybe that would be why no Greek... She's dealing with fire-bottom and that would only be a painful mess.  

And yes, if services payed for were not rendered the money should have been offered back. You should NOT have had to ask. That is called hustling and bad ethics. It also means she will likely have fewer repeat bookings therefor she will likely continue this bait/switch until she runs her game out and comes back under a new name or changes cities. Sad.  

Up-charge... I disagree with the notion that it costs more because of the "prep" involved. I feel like if you have an al la carte menu it is mostly due to things you would prefer not do or aren't your cup of tea so a person figures to offer but for more so it would be "worth" it to them. Also like Bia said, it's marketing. If you offer it, they will cum...

I also feel that when you have up charges for services it confirms you are NOT selling your time but in fact sex acts which from my understanding is illegal around here. Plausible deniability, people! ... It's a thing. This applies both to the provider and consumer. Be aware asking or confirming to pay extra for Greek confirms an illegal transaction of sex for money.

Some very good comments by the ladies. In particular  up charges for specific services confirms you are NOT selling your time but in fact sex acts which is illegal around here.  A good rule to remember is donations are for time and companionship only. If you don't follow that rule and keep asking about how much for extras and upcharging for extras then you could be stung which will really ruin your day.  Cheers.

Dunno from personal experience, but I have heard from women offering Greek that the extra prepwork can be a real pain in the ass...

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