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Top US Commander would ignore any nuclear code from the Looney Clown
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So that is what he has said.     He will ignore any "illegal" nuclear code from the Looney Clown and think of an alternative solution.

Probably a lefty snowflake dem. Maybe he and Obammy can draw a red line in the sand together.

Posted By: 86H13LTP
Re: I'm sure his boss , Mad Dog , will be talking to his passed over ass EOM

Him and Kelly have lost whatever spine they had when they signed on with this administrations....Just the same as all house republicans. Puppy and Kelly have resigned themselves to be figure head generals, no guts. The should turn in their bars.

86H13LTP6 reads

You'll take my life but I'll take yours too
You'll fire your musket but I'll run you through
So when you're waiting for the next attack
You'd better stand, there's no turning back

The bugle sounds the charge begins
But on this battlefield no one wins
The smell of acrid smoke and horses breath
As I plunge on into certain death


The horse he sweats with fear, we break to run
The mighty roar of the Russian guns
And as we race towards the human wall
The scream of pain as my comrades fall

We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground
And the Russians fire another round
We get so near yet so far away
We won't live to fight another day


We get so close near enough to fight
When a Russian gets me in his sights
He pulls the trigger and I feel the blow
A burst of rounds take my horse below

And as I lay there gazing at the sky
My body's numb and my throat is dry
And as I lay forgotten and alone
Without a tear I draw my parting groan


Seeing that you seem partial or have a pulse to all this redneck Alabama hillbilly shit,who do you like in the Iron Bowl? My thinking is that the word "Alabama" is toxic, and it stands for the lowest denominator in the human race. I'm going War Dam Eagle..lol
Hope the eagle survives....

Or Morehouse.
He's dedicated to going through life stupid and angry.
So far, so good.

MinaSoda9 reads

but you knew that when you typed it.
    Better headline: Purely Hypothetical Question Yields Logical Answer
Refusing to carry out an illegal order is already a requirement. I don't see why this needs to be said.

Have a unique way of announcing his retirement.

 you Hershey-boy being an illegal alien and supporter of and one who root for terrorists, noko and all
enemies of the United States clearly take joy in this.  

Just keep in mind, what little of a mind you may have, that Trump ordering a nuclear first strike is nothing but the bullshit, lies and fabrication of a bunch of lying worthless far left assholes just like you.

Get the fuck over it Trump won and with his faults he is far, far better than obama ever was and far, far better than hillwhorie or any other democunt ever could be.


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