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More stuff on cell phones and LE that we should be aware of....
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It's like Enemy of the State, makes ya really now watch what u type and save yesh...

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I don't keep anything on my hobby phone.  Not even numbers, delete recent calls in/out before I leave her.  The inconvenience is that I must get internet access to get to my address book, through my laptop.   I look up her number, set up an appointment...  the number stays in the phone until we are together.  I figure it limits damage from a chance discovery.  

I don't do illegal drugs.  I don't hurt people.  Suspicion of either of those makes one a legit target.  I figure I'm pretty safe.  Now, I realize the Police might just profile someone...   overweight grey haired guy is not a dangerous profile, I'm hoping...  but others might encouter a fishing expedition based on their appearance, so a warning is useful.

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It's best to have many phones girls. Also never conduct business with a credit required cellphone carrier. Some snoop can run a back ground check on that phone number. Before long you may have a Time Warner cable van parked across from your house,apt or condo. Like the cable guy work's on saturday or sunday? That's just your local vice cops setting up an observation of your residence. Warning to those who do Incall ...those men being seen walking from your house on the hour isn't very bright! How are you going to explain that to a jury about all of that footage? This is why ladies pre-paid is better and turn-off your phone when not doing business. Or burn your number on occasion...a cellphone is a tracking device............! In the age of technology there is no more privacy.. By the way it's better to blend in to a bigger city than a smaller one. So all of you ladies working in smaller cities pose a greater risk at getting popped by officer friendly. Why do I say that,,,? Because in NYC alone there are so many working girls the law has better things to do, unless you've pissed off someone? Just think before you swim! stay safe,....

Anyone have info on that stuff? My phone has a lock so if the cops showed up they couldn't rifle through it without me opening it, and the calls and things made via google voice don't show up on my cell phone plan's records (they are done over wifi or something so the call is not placed through my phone number) so backtracking won't happen. Any..... other thoughts or news on this?

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