Halloween Costumes: What will you be?regular_smile
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I absolutely LOVE HALLOWEEN.  I went many years dismissing this holiday as something reserved only for youngsters, but the last few years, a girlfriend of mine convinced me that Halloween isn't just for the young, but for all those who are young at heart.  I went all-out last year and attended an adult costume party as Wonder Woman. This year, I am exploring the idea of being Katniss from the Hunger Games.    
What will you be?

I am still not sure what I want to be for Halloween. This was my first pick

I love finding Halloween lingerie balls to go to - corset. thigh high stockings... all the trimmings. I think I'd like to be something fun but naughty at the same time for costume parties; I'm thinking naughty Tinkerbell!

I found a great website for naughty-sexy-cute ladies' costumes!  You and Katrina should defnitely check it out.

Also, If I hear about any adult Halloween parties, I'll say so here, and you can send me a TER message to get more details from me.

Thanks for the link. I would love to party with you for Halloween so let me know! I love holidays lol

It's on West Gray in River Oaks and the costumes are great!  You can eat dinner or hang out at the bar.  They have valet parking, a DJ, and great food.  Geesh I sound like an ad for them.  Anyway, the wealthy River Oaks elite always have some great costumes to be sure.

You must have a dinner reservation in advance if you want to eat.  Then after you can find a night club with a contest and win some $$$

I will be in Vegas this Halloween so I won't make it. :(

I found the following party. It seems to be for a good cause, and it sounds like a lot of fun, despite the cost of admission.

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