Just tried it again tonight and it's still down...
helio10 3 Reviews 941 reads
1 / 11

It doesn't seem to be avaiable, all other site functions seem OK...

Angela_Petite2 See my TER Reviews 713 reads
3 / 11

I made a mistake and started to post on this side. Went over there and got an error message
looks like it may be getting a repair job ;)

jasminecummings See my TER Reviews 1044 reads
4 / 11

The weekend/week I decide to be in Boston with my friends the board is down. Urrggghhhh

Katie_Kay See my TER Reviews 691 reads
5 / 11

The other boards all seem to be working ok. It definitely is inconvenient for the ladies who are finishing up a tour or last minute dates. For some reason I have a picture in my head of a bunch of ladies wearing tool belts. :D

onefunlovingleo 5 Reviews 558 reads
6 / 11

can't belive it! It appears to have been down all day. Must just be overloaded with all the wonderful talent visiting Beantown! A plethora of absolute beauties! HOT, HOT, HOT.... Boston is the place!

jasminecummings See my TER Reviews 784 reads
7 / 11

Since the board is down I guess we have new creative ways to keep you up ;-)

sexymarafouru See my TER Reviews 1133 reads
8 / 11

If we can't post on the regular board I hope at least they will let the 7 day rule slide for a week or some of us will have to adjust our schedules for next week, or, once it is up and running post our schedules for the remainder of this week and next.

Curious as to why it appears to only be the Boston Board and there hasn't been any reply from TER admin.

Happy Monday to all!


mrfisher 87 Reviews 774 reads
9 / 11

They can then move them to the Ad Board when it is fixed.

RU_Sure 663 reads
10 / 11
mrfisher 87 Reviews 996 reads
11 / 11
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