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Posted 5/10/2012 at 4:35:46 AM

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Thank you all for your responses.  Nora DiAngelo especially had some good advice.  I found this provider almost by accident, by checking the Top 100 and searching for her city (where I'm visiting, so we're going to her apartment).  I have VIP access and have read all 30+ reviews in her profile.  Besides all the raves about her beauty, charm, and skill, no one said anything about being cheated out of money.  If it happens, you'll hear about it.  The four-hour dinner date, which has been described in reviews, starts at a restaurant but ends with 2-3 hours of privacy.  And it seems very reasonably priced compared to what I've seen other high-quality providers charge.

I hear the people who say she should get the money early on, in the restaurant.  I never even considered that she'd Cash and Dash.  My concern is the money is now in her purse or a gift bag, which is then stolen while we're still in the restaurant.  There's always a small chance of this, especially if we're focused on each other.  I won't even keep the money in the backpack I'll be toting around (which I asked about, and she's fine with it).  I planned to keep it in my pants pocket and not worry that the Artful Dodger will make me his next victim.  I suppose in my next e-mail to her, I should ask if she wants me to bring her a gift when we meet at the restaurant.  Otherwise, I'll wait until we reach her apartment.

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