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No reply to email

Posted 5/8/2012 at 8:04:01 PM

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I'm new... I have one review and a P411 plus 1 (one OK).  I've sent one email to one provider in my area with no reply and an P411 request and a follow up email with my single reference to another provider and no reply after two days.

I'm trying to see a provider with many great reviews and who seemed to be an independent and shows basic plus 1 on P411.  I think however, she is with an agency now.  I tried to book a girl with this agency using their web form but only put my first name and got a rejection email stating I had to give more info.  This may have black listed me with this agency.

I'm interested in independents to boost my referrals so I don't have to give out so much info when contacting an agency.

What is a new guy supposed to do?

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