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Re: Newbie and I am nervous...

Posted 5/7/2012 at 5:23:39 AM

Unlike the others, I am NOT going to blow sunshine up your ass and sugar coat things for you.

Hobbying is inherently a risky business. The fact that you're nervous tells me that you already know this.

Don't play with fire if you are afraid of getting burned.


Posted By: jamiro12
Recently just found out about this whole world of escorting/hobbying and found a few girls I really would like to try out. Problem is I am very scared of catching an STD from one of these women, so I havent called yet. wanted to get some experienced people's opinions and advice.

i found a girl on backpage that appeals to me and wanted to kno wat you guys think. i heard alot of people avoid backpage and i would like to kno why. are they more prone to std's on that site??? and wat sother sites do u recommend??? (im in philadelphia)

also i would like to go raw with this girl (no condoms) because I hate condoms, but i kno it increases std risk greatly. is there any way to kno if this girl is clean?? check for bumps in private area, sores in/or around mouth

in our session i was planning on giving and receiving oral, and sex with no condom.
maybe a little kissing

here is a link to her reviews on site but im not vip so i cant see everything....

it seems she travels from state to state.. is that more cause for concern???

any help would be appreciated..

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