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Where to begin?.....

Posted 5/5/2012 at 7:10:16 AM

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First of all, get yourself VIP status to learn about the gals you are considering seeing.  Considering the amount of $ you invest in the session, VIP is very short money to invest to maximize your return.

As far as BBFS goes, there's plenty written on that in the various threads on many boards here, so do some research on those if VD is a big issue for you.  I would think that you would not want to go there if health safety is a big issue for you.  In addition to the female condoms mentioned, you can always avoid using a condom by doing other than vaginal sex, for example oral or Russian (beween her tits) or Italian (between her butt cheeks).  They feel just about as wonderful as BBFS, IMHO.  Even a good hand job is a wonderful experience if done by a real pro.

You will not be able to obtain any meaningful information regarding her health status, so don't hope for that.

The fact that she travels is not a problem, many quality gals do.

The fact that she appears on Backpage is not in and of itself proof of anything, but many ripoff artists do use Backpage, so you want to make sure that the gal has many good reviews on TER or elsewhere before taking a chance on her.  This gal has only one review, so that makes her  a bit iffy.  (The reviewer however is welll known on TER's boards, however.)

Have you read the Self Help Manual that is linked on this board?  If not, I suggest doing so ASAP.  Knowledge is power in this hobby.


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