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Re: It is simply one step to reducing the possibility...

Posted 4/11/2012 at 3:56:37 PM

Incorrect.  I've never had a problem and seem to end up with a better quality provider
Not to mention that seeing these long lists of reviews on a provider makes me see her as a human cess pool. No thanks! Low key, low volume and private has served me well. On the flipside, I've seen too many people get sucked into the drama with jealous, unstable providers and it becomes an open book on forums like this. Again, this system leads to trouble and unwanted attention. No thanks!


Posted By: xyz23
of problems. I won't argue case by case with you. But if you are suggesting that seeing "No review" ladies is just as good then you are being irresponsible. Sure shit can happen anywhere.
But is it better to see a well reviewed lady especially when starting out? Yes.


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