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A dozen cities??

Posted 4/2/2012 at 5:07:28 PM

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Doesn't make sense unless they are very close together...  in which case she's centrally located & willing to travel to meet anyone who books.  It just does not seem right.  Do not forget that ladies can opt to not accept reviews.  TER will not accept a profile unless reviews are agreed to.
There are good providers & scammers on every ad site.  To find one there & then research fully is much more time consuming.  The whole point of TER is to bring the data together.  I shop the most recent reviews...  read the profile especially if she delivered as promised, real pictures, follow the links to her ads (and hopefully pictures) then read the reviews.  Yes, you need VIP.  The mere presence of reviews does not prove if they are good or bad.  
I'm not saying to never see someone you have spotted but you'll do better to circle back when you have more experience.  

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