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Re: Self defense

Posted 4/2/2012 at 7:47:12 AM

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I'm a male who has wondered and assumed that providers take precautions against being attacked, however I guess it's not always the case. In my personal life I have a female friend who advocates and brings self defense classes to women, it's a project of her's. Many areas around the USA have self defense classes geard for women and I recommend them. .

I recommend female providers take precautions and be prepared for the possible a-holes out there that might try to hurt you. Look into self defense classes!

Attached is a link to one in Southern CA...

Note: I do not know the people in the link nor do I advocate them, just an example of something I googled


Posted By: breannabreeze
Has anyone here ever felt the need to take a self defense class in case something goes wrong?  {snip} ... Have you taken any sort of self defense training and if you have would you recommend a basic class or a martial arts program? Any input would be appreciated!


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