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Watch your CC or how ever you paid...

Posted 3/8/2012 at 4:58:30 PM

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Your bank will be only too happy to provide you with a new card if you think your account was compromised.  
Forget about getting your money back...  not happening!  Everything they propose invoves sending them more of your money.
In general this is a Cash on Delivery business.  You don't pay until you are in the room with the girl.  Even then there are scams possible...   Not possible to list every scam but we gave it a shot

Newbies should see well reviewed providers.    Read the self help section by the life saver & read back on this board several pages until you can answer every question without looking.  

Anytime you give a provider money...  even if it's an advance or a loan...  best to figure you'll not get it back.  Some guys have been lucky (and been repaid) but the boards are littered with the guys who thought it was going to be worked off & the gal was suddenly unavailable.  This is not to say I'm a heartless b@stard...   if a Fav lady needs money, I do my bit by scheduling an appointment at my convenience...  which I would have done anyway.  

I hope you didn't get taken for too much.  Write it off, learn the lesson.   I remember the first time I got bucked off a horse...  I said "That didn't work"  Learned my lesson & did things differently from then on.
Best Wishes,

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