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Incall cleanliness has never been an issue

Posted 5/24/2012 at 3:45:49 AM

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I have found over  the years of hobbying,  quality well reviewed providers whose donation sometimes tends to be on the higher side of things,   all take great pride in thier incall. Starting with the location of the incall, and the type of apartment, condo or hotel they're using.  Great providers are concerned with every aspect of the experience. including the decor, the bed linen, quality of towels in the bathroom, to  what type of lingerie or clothing they're wearing when they greet you at their incall. And they are especially  concerned with the cleanliness of the incall. These types of providers realize that it's the entire experience, not just  the appearance and performance, that make for a great time.

Now don't get me wrong, I've been to my share of Motel 6, Red Roof Inns,and  less than desirable neighborhoods over the years, but if you choose carefully and read reviews, you should be albe to steer clear of incalls you described in your OP.

I do remember one time when booking an appointment a provider asked to change the day becuase the maid was coming the day I wanted to see her, she wanted to move the appointment back a a day so the incall would be clean. However, I did see one provider who was moving so her incall had moving cartons all over the place, but she apologized for not telling me about the condition of her incall when I booked the appointment, but  it wasn't a dealbreaker.

I beleive there is one escort review board, that actually has "condition of incall" as part of the provider profile. I have also found that most veteran hobbyist when writing a TER review will mention the condition of the incall if it's subpar or if there's an issue with the neighborhood .  


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