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Rose II Sting in Phoenix last weekend

Posted 4/26/2012 at 2:52:07 AM

Rose II Sting in Phoenix last weekend

Similar to Rose I about a year ago - the hooker fair at Bethany Church for those that recall.

If similar to last year, mostly independents from websites etc.  At least some that were active here I know about, police had huge pile of photos from web ads in police cars,  and of course I report on extensively you know where.

Details per Phoenix PD
Last weekend
76 adults
3 under age "victims"
1 pimp
1 booked child prostitution and pandering
1 booked dangerous drugs.

Diversion program again offered by Catholic Charities to "save you".  Help apply for ACCESS food stamp, last year they even had booths at the Church if needed clothes. Some of the escorts were quite well off and declined the help

Phoenix PD brags it saved $29,874.84 for those willing to do 6 months "therapy" with the Catholics instead of going to jail.

Working in partnership through a collaborative community effort, officers from across the Phoenix Police Department and a host of community partners (ASU, the City of Phoenix Prosecutors Office, Bethany Bible Church, Catholic Charities, EMPACT, Community Bridges and HealthCare for the Homeless StreetlightUSA, ALERT) fanned out across the city and actively sought those in greatest need of services and support.  The team, under the strong leadership and guidance of Phoenix Police Department Lt. Jim Gallagher and Dr. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz PhD of the Arizona State University School of Social Work, conducted 2 twelve hour operations from a command post hosted by Pastor Brad Pellish and Bethany Bible Church and staffed by 116 volunteers.

If it was targeted at street hookers I would be more supportive, but last year from those that contacted me it was many private independents, outcalls to hotels etc  Many declined the offer - given a purse with a Rose in it at the Church entrance.


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