I'm glad you had fun Katie. I did too (eom)
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Have to agree with that.  LE comes down hard on the agencies b/c they are silly enough to keep records.  And in those records are names, real ones, or at least enough informatin to get real names.  Those are some serious babes though.

trucker#11390 reads

Have been useing Not a dog in the bunch. Preformance in my estimation is always an 8 or 9.

JEFFREY1628 reads

I'm doubtful that you'll get an answer, since you have no reviews nor any recent presence here.
Just my opinion.

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I agree with the phxgirls. Not a bad choice there, but if your looking for a fun time and a Indy, get hold of Gina Marie, best service in the valley in my book.

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Never tried them but looks way TGTBT. Some of the photos get hits on tineye, which probably means they're fake pics. Very doubtful there would be such a large stable of this caliber in Phoenix with no reviews. Bait and switch most likely. I'd recommend avoiding. There are many legit providers with reviews who would be a much better bet.

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