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I second that "M.B"! it's SUCH a pleasure to have such an easy going board with great gentlemen! YA 

Posted 5/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM


Posted By: maturebridgette
THANK YOU to the gentlemen of the "over 60's board" for always making the ladies of TER feel welcomed.

Thank you for always being true GENTLEMEN and enjoying picture day and always appreciateing the "event"

This is why, so many women around the U.S. participate in this.

Thank you for never being crude to any of the Ladies and thank you for always welcoming a new discussion without flipping out or saying something negative.

Thank YOU guys for always making this part of TER relaxing and stress free.

I know I am not the only provider who feels this way..

But we wanted you to know...WE APPRECIATE you as much as YOU appreciate us..



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