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thats great. 

Posted 2/5/2012 at 5:48:55 AM

I think if people want to be mean spirited they should be adult enough to also OWN it and show who they are. I understand the alias for other people but yeah havn an alias to bash people , providers and just try . note i said try and see if you can get under some ones skin. Or deter them from posting . I like the no aliases. simplky because alot people were not using it to protect there identity and stuff. Seems they were trying to hide behind a fake name and then say negative vibed stuff. This is a SITE FOR FREE LOVE PROVIDERS AND HOBBYSIST WHO ARE SEXUALLY ADVANCED AND EXTRAVERTED. yOU WOULD THINBK IT BE A LOVING POSITIVE VIBED ATMOSPHERE. aND THAT THE MEN WOULD BE MORE UNDERSTANDING TO WOMEN WANTING TO GET INVOLVED. AS OPPOSED TO ALOT POSTED i SEEN WOMEN SAYING THAT TER IS NOT PROVIDER FRIENDLY.

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