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Oh HELL NO!!!!!!

Posted 2/3/2012 at 7:47:20 AM

WOW Victoria, how awful!  I am not sure WHERE on earth gents (or I guess in his case a more colorful term could be used, but I am doing my best to remain politicially correct) get the idea that they can just show up!!  Instant reason to never ses someone again, hell even my closest personal friends would NEVER presume to just appear, much less someone I've not seen in years...

How awful!   GET A ROPE & hang em high!

Be safe out there woman!


Posted By: azvictoria
OK  I get a call on my home phone line which use to be on my ad several yrs ago at least 4  from a pay phone  with no voice mail set-up so my PA was home doing errands for me and did not answer after I came home  it rang again  my eyesight not being that great  I took the call it was a guy  who claims to have seen  me years ago  new where about my home  is located  and wanted to book so I told him I am  a little busy tomorrow  so call me on my current # which I then gave him hr later I am out getting a mani/pedi  and my PA calls to say he came by  the house  she knew  his name from the earlier call  when we spoke  it was an unusual name .....he kept knocking so she finally said who are you ?  and cracked the door and he said I am .......she said the owner is not here who just shows up  like that ? needless to say I will not even consider taking his call tomorrow  guys never just show up unexpected  thats wierd  he probably is fine as he must of been here before yrs ago but no wrong and scared  my PA ........really bad form on his part


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