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Re: TS Naomi the fact she uses "Hi, Papis" should be a flamming red signal. :>)

Posted 11/1/2011 at 3:27:24 AM

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She looks suspiciously hot for exit 47 on I-66, where there appears to be a Red Roof and a Quality Inn. On the other hand, a person is less likely to walk away from something that doesn't look like the photos after a long drive.


Posted By: LATSDog
I think the pics are fake but I will  have to disagree on the papi comment.  Papi is used by many many latin TS girls. If they are scammers, they might say "hurry up papi, I have cuzmers outside" but a scammer will often say anything to get you out the door.   In summary, the phrase "hi papi" or "hi Daddy" is not a red flag.


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