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Consider their source.....

Posted 4/12/2012 at 3:43:14 PM

they could be anyone and often are....discretion is the better part of valour...


Posted By: macdaddy1944
due to some recent posts on the newbie board and some provider comments i have to ask our veteran gentleman and ladies this..are we too rough on these newbies? i have been hobbying for a while as most of us have..i frequent the newbie board often and like to give advice to the new kids on the block..but here lately some of the questions are so ridiculous and asinine..i just cringe..they worry more about aids, std and le like never before instead of finding out what to do and the right way to do it..are we losing patience with the new breed? we were all newbies once and some of us learned the hard way..but we learned.the way some of these newbies are starting off..i wonder if they will ever learn..comments or suggestions..


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