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Yea, I Want To Super-Size That

Posted 5/22/2012 at 2:47:48 AM

Hey Max,

It's one of those deals that you will get many different opinions on what size the labia should be for small, medium and large.

Who wants to go through the trouble?

Are hobbyists supposed to bring a ruler with them during the session to measure every labia they look at? Nope, not going to work.

It's all subjective and this request may likely to be voted down.



Posted By: Max367
Large puffy labia (pussy lips) are a fetish of mine.  And I'm sure I'm not alone.  But at present there is no way on TER to search for that.  Large labia sometimes gets mentioned in reviews.  That's too time consuming.

Under Provider's Appearance we only have three choices under Pussy:
* Natural
* Partially Shaved
* Shaved

That's it?  I want more!
I suggest we expand the choices to add  "Large Labia" as a forth option when writing a review.  Then have the option to find it under Search Reviws.  

Additionally, I think providers would want it known they have such a wonderful asset.

After all, look at all the attention Boobs get.  Isn't breast cup size is important to many members?  Don't many want to know if  a provider's boobs are implants?  Even eraser-tip nipples get honorable mentions.  

Why not twats?  I say we put it to a vote!  Who's for adding Large Labia to TER searches?


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