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You Embarrass Yourself

Posted 5/21/2012 at 7:25:33 AM


Calling us idiots?

Nice way of pissing people off in TER. Way to go Sherlock.

I've posted reviews by NOT being specific as to where I met the lady. More times than not, the provider will ask me NOT to reveal details of the location. Just a general location such as Columbus, Ohio. It's a big town, so it would be hard to narrow down exactly where the provider may be staying / living at.



Posted By: wbbr
WTF, I HATE seeing insignificant locations like "my hotel", "my house", "her apt", etc. USELESS, USELESS USELESS information! I live in the smallest freaking state in the union and knowing how far I have to travel to see a provider is still a HUGE factor. Guys, please, don't be cute, state the flippin' town or city where you saw the girl so others can know approximately what area the girl is in. I don't care about reviews that I have travel hours to get to.

If you're reading this and you've ever typed "my hotel", "my house", "her apt", etc. rest assured, you're an idiot!


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