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You know this is a community

Posted 4/3/2012 at 1:13:36 AM

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I myself came to TER because they are the gold standard for the Hobby.  I good place to get information on the Hobby.  The boards are a great addition to making a 'connection' and meeting the ladies.  But something more happens that I dont think TER planned nor did I, and it is an additional benifit.  We make friends!  And these friends are hobby related.  

Huggy bear is one of those guys.  If  it wasnt for the hobby and TER I would not know him. But I am glad I do.   And Jessica I am glad I know you to.  You are much more than a provider, you are a friend.  Along with a dozen or more on this board in this wonderful community, both gents and ladies.  I love reading the thoughts and suggestions by others on here but I also like the people behind the posts.

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