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Agreed. Sounds like a run of the mill way for guys who are blacklisted

Posted 4/23/2012 at 8:56:24 AM

to have dumb ass women who don't know any better to vouch for them here lmao. TER has a whitelist...end of story, but that does not hold much water with me because I go by the women who are doing the whitelisting. There are several ter members who are whitelisted who have ripped women off, blackmailed or made threats for good reviews, etc. For some women, this might mean something, but for me it is null.

TER is already giving away too many memberhips and VIP days for bs reviews, or for reviews that were written a year after the date they took place on because some guys are too damn cheap to pay for a legit membership...not the type I would want to see. If you can't afford the 20 bucks a month for membership, you should not be in the hobby.

What's the point of giving out even more free shit to people who don't support the site financially to begin with? If you want the respect or novelty of being a "Gold" member, put some damn funds into the site that allows you to run around on it...I certainly do, because they have earned it!

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