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Re: Not quite true, serpius.

Posted 4/21/2012 at 2:55:40 PM

Hey Swimtrekr,

Ok, let's assume that you are correct on the review thing.

Where is the motivation for the hobbyist to give out more than one review for each time they see the same provider? There is NONE! Yea, I know about the 15 VIP days for each FIRST time review of that provider, but nothing for additional reviews for the same provider.

I'd bet if TER does implement a VOUCH system, TER can add a day or two of VIP access for each verified VOUCH, that would give the hobbyists more incentive to help our hard working providers out there.

Just my 3 cents...

P.S., Aside from the moderator, I wonder if the TER mangament ever read this Suggestion and Policy forum?



Posted By: swimtrekr
You can post as many reviews of the same provider that you want.  Each one will replace the previous one, but you will only get the 15 VIP days for the first review of the provider.  If you do write a subsequent review for a provider, it is supposed to be different and maybe contain new information, but I'm not so sure how strictly that is enforced.



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