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Abstinance is %100 safe...(eom)
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Lately I have seen more and more posts and reviews about BBFS pop up on Ter and it scares me. I think it is time Ter adds this to the providers profile services, like BBFS - yes or no.

BBFS with providers who do it with their clients is like a russian roulette. You don't know which pull will kill you, but you know the gun is loaded for sure. If someone wants to do it, I dont care, but I do care that I know which providers do it so I can avoid them. Now days we have such huge selection of different condom flavors that using one aint so bad. Just do as I do, find a comdom that works for you and brings the most pleasure to you, and bring it to you appointment. Dont be a cheap ass.

FunInSack3359 reads

Their SOs have sex with other providers. Those other providers have their SO who they BBFS with

Good luck getting these girls to admit to it.

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