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A lot of one and some of the other.

Posted 3/25/2012 at 8:49:36 PM

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I only hobby when I travel for business. I can now happily say that there is one special woman in each of the cities that I regularly get to. It is nice to go back and be with these women, the subsequent meetings are always better than the previous ones as we continue to get to  know each other and look forward with anticipation to our getting together again. These are women with whom I feel a special bond and that makes the hookup that much more special and exciting for me. I sense that there is a feeling of mutuality although I am but one of many clients.
Every once in a while, I am also drawn to meet someone new and that too has its excitement as we undress for the first time, kiss for the first time and begin to explore for the   first time.
So I would have to answer, 90% of seeing old friends and 10% of seeking new adventures. I haven't yet decided which fav I will ask to introduce me to my first double. Definitely on the bucket list. :)

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