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Beware, Men Jerking! -e-
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let me know if the pic doesn't show

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let me know if the pic doesn't show

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I was new in town and still in awe of the local ladies.  I was driving my new company car home from work on a warm summer night, going about 70 mph on the San Diego freeway, admiring a beautiful girl in a convertible in next to me.  Then all of a sudden she slows way down and I go by her.  When I turn around, I realize that traffic in my land has come to a complete stop and I'm about to rear end the car in front of me.

I slammed on the brakes, locked up the tires and left a big cloud of tire smoke in my wake as I steered around the car in front of me.  I'm sure she was really impressed, though she probably sees this sort of thing all the time, just like the girl in this picture.

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...Caution:  I Swerve For Ass!!!

is no longer the leading cause of fatal accidents.

[A PSA jointly sponsored by the Society of Alcoholics Who Also Drive and the Coalition Against Seductive Dress]

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be a distraction, even if she is fully clothed.

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