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Re: Sorry, But LE does not only target providers with pimps.

Posted 5/2/2012 at 9:31:47 PM

OMG...i hope you are updated with the current LE activites...Send me a pm if you want to know where to get infos...

Madame Patricia has a point...There are a lot of things that is going on around when it comes to such activities from time to time not only with the providers but with the hobbyists as well...

As well, when it comes to busting LE does not make a choice of the places and area...If they want to bust you they will it does not matter whetheryour in an upscale place or low scale place..I had only been staying in a little hotel by the beach and i had been here for long and i had no problem @ all...


Posted By: diamondgrl23
WHo said anythin about p411 here? Oh thats right Only YOU!!!   hahah
You CAN get arrested for being a known hobbiest???  ..Yes Maybe if the guy picks you up off the street in front of the police lmao...

Not if your going to see a provider at her Decent hotel...

of course theres other ways that im sure can get you put away too..
like a provider Staying at a low budget hotel that attracts LE (motel 6, super 8 ect)
..fighting with her pimp .
the provider making herself be known outside her room wearing her heels /short dress ect...

i will repeat     (try law School Sweety)
You CANNOT be arrested For prostitution unless you book an appt with LE!!!!!
(or "common Sense"... trying to Book a client outside where police can see)
a Common Street walker/Street Hobbiest!!! Nasty in my opinion!!!
PS: a little advice YOU!!!! Keep Your Mouth Closed Unless you Know what your talking About..
Bc ASSuming can make you loook like an ass

PSS: Someone can call the police and say " this dang girl in the room next to me has had several men come and shes screwing them loudly and its driving me crazy!!!

the police WILL come to tell you to be quiet..But they CANNOT Arrest You Off of Hear Say.....
The ONLY way is if you have PRIOR arrests for it....
and how do you get that??? hmmm lets see..

Being foolish and not checking references first!!
(to answer your question..NO ive NEVER been arrested!! WHy? Bc im SMART and DISCREET  :P

Never go off someones ratings..always ask his Veriafable reference, Over the phone first, so you know your going to be safe when it comes to LE  :D

You PASS Go you Collect 200$ =  Monopoly is still my favorite games hehe


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