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1st visit to TJ next week

Posted 10/23/2011 at 5:47:52 PM

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I'm heading down to San Diego sometime after the 1st and am looking to go to Tj for the evening to early AM for some fun.  It seems as though the couple of 'strip' bars would do the trick vs an incall, but are there advantages/disadvantages to that plan?  I'm not going to have a room in TJ as I need to be in SD overnight to do some work (sometime around 3AM-5AM...so leaves plenty of time) and I can't leave it to chance on spotty computer connection.  I'm planning on parking just outside the border and walking across then taxi'ing to either Hong Kong or Adelias(SP?) bar.  Would it be more adviseable to find a cheap but decent room and order in?  When I've spent time in another border city I've done that and just had the guy at the hotel arrange something...

Up in the US, I'd always stick with a provider but in TJ it seems plentiful and cheap to go to the bars...I'm just a little worried about the safety factor and chances for rip off sessions with the language barrier once we get in the room.  From reading posts here it seesm like around $60 to $80 for a half hour with a few negotiables like CIM and Greek.  Do they generally stick to a 'one and done' method or is it 30 minutes multipe cups?  Do 60 minute sessions (if any) go multiple cups?  I'm a 2 cup guy mostly and like some play time in between.  I'd hate to get shuffled out of the room after pop1.  Are the strip joint 'rooms' really rooms or is it a back closet with a dingy bed?

I don't have PM right now so post here please and thanks in advance for any info.


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