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Re: Do any of the escorts in TJ travel across the border into Cali?

Posted 9/28/2011 at 9:16:56 PM

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Posted By: ChicaSinRopas
Can that be arranged? Is it ever done?
Thank you.

Most TJ escorts do not have a visa.  So you cannot have a session with most TJ escorts in the US.

There are a few escorts that have visas; they may or may not be willing to see you in the US.  If they do you'll pay more--which is only fair.

Generally speaking escorts with visas do not advertise their status.  (The last thing they want is to lose their visa and/or get busted in the US where prostitution is illegal.)  After you get to know an escort well she may tell you she has a visa.  The same with escort agencies.  After they know you well they may tell you about escorts that will see you in the US.

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