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Re: She No Showed ... but claimed she did

Posted 3/15/2012 at 2:11:31 PM

Its not profitable for either TER or providers to out anyone with STD's, either providers with them or clients with them. It turns into a he said she said with no proof. That is why blacklisting or bad reviews are not in place to keep us safe. All highly reviewed providers know very well if they get one review of a 7 or less all they do is submit a request to have it removed for whatever lie they want its its gone. Reviews are really just a hidden form of advertisement, which is why providers ask gents they see to leave them a review and give them high score's, to help them get more clients and make more money.

Safety doesn't come into the money making system for anyone, its up to each person to deal with there mistakes on their own and let each next guy who makes the same mistakes suffer the same consequences. Live and learn the hard way all around.

Many guys who have been on the scene for many years know very well from private communication which providers right here in SD have HIV+ as well as other std's. Its VERY common for most to have herpes or hpv or other stds and should be considered the norm and expected.  Some providers hook old grandpa around their finger by providing them bare back in the heat of the moment, and old grandpa is head over heals and dumps his 401k to spend as much time with the provider as possible after his bare back experience with such a young highly reviewed girl.  Its horrible but its a fact of whats going on around us if you look behind the curtain at the truth.

Please don't fool yourself thinking guys with "references" means that they are safe and clean. Many providers who have horrible experiences will still vouch for the same guy to other women. Keep in mind other providers are competition competing for the same money from the same guys.  They will be nice in communications then talk bad about you to clients behind your back. Its a dog eat dog world in every business.

The best thing you can do to be as safe as possible, is to set your own safety rules according to what your willing to risk. Its safer to provide only cbj's, but most guys will avoid providers who do not provide bbbj's out of preference. So its a trade off on what your willing to catch in terms of stds and how much money you want to make. Some providers who only do FBSM do quite well and do not risk nearly as much as providers who do FS, but their income can be limited by the women who get the clients for the FS, some married men prefer FBSM over FS so they don't feel like they are cheating on their wife.

On a side note, it sounds like you went to the wrong house and responded badly to him which made him not want to see you. Thats about it.  Its good to hear your working a normal job on the side for health benefits, many providers can become jaded from not working more than a hour a day in this line of income as a provider.

Keep it safe everyone, you have no idea how many bad things are right in front of you that you don't know.


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