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Re: She No Showed ... but claimed she did 

Posted 3/14/2012 at 3:58:07 PM

that was very well said sail and I like how you put it..

When I first started just 2 years back I use to obsess over the same thought because Its VERY trustworthy for a man to allow us to thier houses..(especially when most have a Family living There also )

The Std Thing is extremely gross and thats why NOBODY should EVER see anyone without seeing several recent reviews and/or Talking to one of her previous clients and make sure her kitty "looked" Normal  lol
I Honestly believe and hope im right..that a Man Would Never Lie or hide it...If a Female has a Std and its noticeable she should NOT be allowed to provide ANYWHERE
I would Air it to the entire community if i seen an obvious Disease on a mans genitles..

I have yet to hear that anyones contracted any stds through this community but you never could be covered well so always do fine research and get a CLOSE UP in bright lights to make sure theres no scarring/ open wounds down there..

As for Pimps and Providers going back to someones house to attack them... Ive Never heard of yet either but maybe somewhere it has,  and the guy is scared to tell.. fearing he'll be in trouble with the law also..
NEVER worry about calling LE guys/ladies  if a pimp comes and attacks you verbally or physically on your own property he deserves to go to jail
Just say they/he followed you home from the grocery store bc you cut then/him off and this happened..
I think that would be a channel 7  story .
the girls I See with pimps are Always the young 18 to 21 range who just started the business and feel they need protection..thier young and Nieve and dont realize the conscept of flushing thier money down the toilet at the end of the night..

I used to judge every book by its cover and think every girl with a black man was a pimp/provider..
Since moving to cali i noticed that women out here Love Black men and especially the black military men..
theyre easily mistaken for pimps bc of the flashy cars and clothes lol

But as for a Pimp mooching off a girl and Not allowing her to support herself and HER future is sickly rediculous..
Get a Dam Job and Let her Have Live happy whens she gets old and
For anyone with a Pimp..
Remember that without a payroll job you will NEVER have retiring benefits or SSi..
Your crazy to think with the way the prices of everything are rising.. that you can afford to support 2 of you and save enough for your entire life with Only you Providing..
Do something like school/college/vocational program  or a part time  job to at least ensure a better life in your future!
i Just got hired at a Subway close by and its the most simple job ive ever had..
But it will give me some benefits after 90 days so its well worth it :D
Period Point Blank!!
A provider should NEVER have a man in the car with her for a outcall.If you trust the Guy enough to get his address and Go to his house..then you Should Most Definetly  trust him enough to go alone/Solo :P..

Always Check  RECENT references !!  this should be everyones procedure before scheduling anything anyways..
Incall outcall car date lol
whatever it is your booking always remember there is such things
as unsafe ro*bers rapi*t and mu*derers..
and thiefs and liars..
Just be safe bc itll make the world a much safer place!



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