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Posted 3/13/2012 at 3:29:09 PM

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For first meeting dates I like sexy lingerie, baby dolls, thin tight dresses, loose see through dresses, something slightly see through that reviles glimpses of what is yet to come. Because on the first meeting a little chat is in order. I like candles, soft music, dim lights and lots of kissing. A drink or a nibble is a nice touch. Ladies who hold my had are a real turn on. Asking what you like works best before the actual play time, during the chat not once we are into it. I like massages and lots of touching well thats me. what really makes it work for me is you having a good time too. Most bummer sessions were a result of what appeared to be a scripted event. I really dislike ladies who after the session get dressed in a old bathrobe, light a cigarette and sit at a table waiting for you to leave. Helping one Get dressed or a mutual shower is lots of fun. A final DFK is a sure way to keep me coming back if that is what you want.


Ok My two cents.

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