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how wild would the sex be

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If you could pic only 1 for a session which would it be. This for providers and hobbyists.

I get a sweet satifisfaction from orally pleasing a man but daty would be a close winner up.
Sex is awesome but its all about the oral support.

Come taste my sweetness...

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I would love to!

ctcaman1173 reads

you would rather give than receive? interesting.

If your asking me. I enjoy giving. If the guy loves doing it to me, How lucky are we both....:o)

Posted By: ctcaman
you would rather give than receive? interesting.

lkuba596 reads

how wild would the sex be

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It depends on the girl and what's she's wearing. Sometimes in daty, sometimes sex, sometimes kissing and  a bj could be nice.

hmmm Its Gotta be the Bj for me definetly!
only because I have no gag refelx and im really the Best at it :D
I love leaving a man fully satisfied!!

Do I have to choose! LOL...

I like to see a man's face knowing that I am pleasuring him, but the feeling of being pleasured is amazing! How about All the above!

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