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Love Motels

Posted 5/20/2011 at 10:50:30 PM

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If you are going to stay over night then I recommend using the Ticuan in downtown TJ (at 8th and Revolucion).  My next choice would be Pueblo Amigo.

If you looking for a short-term "love motel" then the most popular are La Mansion and El Premier.  I think El Premier is the better of the two as the staff at La Mansion has an "attitude" and has even been known to hit on chicas in front of their "date."

El Parador has/had in-and-out privileges.  Which at times is useful.

In the Otay area I think El Ensueno is the best.

There are lot of "love motels" throughout Tijuana.  All the above are decent places and as well as being those most often used by hobbyists.  


If you're a serious monger nothing beats having a place of your own with first rate decor, food, liquor, a HDTV, etc. to put chicas at ease and send a session into overdrive.  I have a place in Tijuana which usually produces compliments when people see it.  (I've had chicas living in hotels like Cascadas offer to give it up for free if I let them move in.)  It really has paid dividends for my mongering.

Having your own place, as well as speaking Spanish, are also necessary if you're going to date locals.  That takes things to a new, exciting level.  (But is the subject of another post.)

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