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NCE girls 

Posted 6/14/2012 at 4:25:23 AM

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"Outed?"  To LE, or family, you think?  Doesn't matter, either has to be traumatic to the girls:(( Do we have a Judas in our midst?  Know that that lady in Shelby has been ruined by whoever outed her---heard that can't make car, house payments, and business is failing:((---some hater there has to be proud of themselves for destroying her life, you think??


Posted By: ronnor
Does anyone know what's going on with NC Elites? You can only get on their website if you are a member. When I inquired about it they sent this reply:
This is an auto reply.
Mikala and Arielle were outed. The site will stay locked down until we have resolved the issue.
Mikala and Arielle will not be taking any appointments until further notice.
NC Elite Models.


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