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Don't let them get to you...

Posted 6/13/2012 at 6:21:25 AM

If folks would take the time to mind their own lives they would have a lot less time to manage yours. Ignore those that spread lies and rumors. You just keep on being you...

Ride safe.....


Posted By: Roadshow2
I find that Hobbywood has a flaw.  Rumors and gossip.  You know I felt I could just back off the board and take a quiet sabbatical from the board and bask in the summer sun.  Seems like it just started more rumors and gossip.  If you were worried or concerned then you could have just PMd, emailed or just called.  A number of you did and I answered you.  

Just to clear the air, no one forced me off the board. I just wasnt finding the 'fun' in it anymore.  This was no ones fault but my own, the board changed a bit and I lost interest and grew tired of it.  Plus the weather got good and I started riding the tires of my motorcycles.  Yes even now the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway) is calling to me.  Stations Inn sounds like lunch.  ( That is a biker style restaurant at mp 248.)

So if you heard anything other than I am just taking some time away from Hobbywood then you can just say BS.  And dont try to analyze me.  If you want to know just ask,  I aint mad at anyone on or near this board.  If you want to know what is up with Roadie, then ask Roadie. And when you are with a beautiful sexy gorgous woman, dont think about anyone else, specially my ugly ass.

To the sweet beautiful ladies,  be good and be careful and post those pics.

To the gents,  "HOBBY ON Dudes"

This ends my fussing and muttering and I feel much better now.  Now where is my dang helmet.


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