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Okay .....

Posted 6/8/2012 at 6:41:58 AM

Seeing it from both sides.....

I'm not AA but I am is black but anyways. I have advertised eveywhere here on TER, eros (pretty awesome featured visiting spot at that), bp, cv, dc, tbd, and a bunch of sites I can't name here for a while now. I've gotten a good amount of interest but most of it not too serious.  
I'm in a particular a beast at advertising and I use what is available to me with plenty of notice.
No one is exact beating down my email right now. I don't post a number on any of my ads....could that affect things. MAYBE.
I haven't thought yet because I'm black but I don't think that matters...much at all. My rates are pretty avg @ 160hh, 240hr (i even give a small discount on hr and so on to those "eligible".
I don't have 50 or 60 ot 80 rates but I do understand the frustration when looking at BP and so it''s frickin' terrible.  But uh the black girls are NOT the only ones doing these 60 to 80 specials you just see more of them....i saw more than a few white girls too doing them btw.
Saying hang in there might not make you feel much better but lol....hang in there it is the summertime for w/e that's worth.  

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