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Posted 1/18/2011 at 6:19:57 AM


Posted By: tonytiger18
Kad, since you live out there , what do you think are the top 2 agencies in TJ. I am going to SD for business, and havent been to TJ in 7 years. First time using the internet to find a girl. I am not intersted in those nasty rooms in adelitas or HK. I want to find girls at those bars, and meet them at the hotel after work. Are the reviews of some of the girls from TJ accurate.  There seems to be a few girls that are attractive from the reviews. Will i be disappointed?

I don't put much stock in reviews because I find them to be pretty bias in some form or fashion.  Women labeled as "bitches" and that have "horrible attitudes" have been fairly pleasant with me.  Women that are praised as being worth their weight in gold have severely disappointed me or turned out to be absolute trash.  So take reviews with a grain of salt.

I'm sure you could arrange something after work at one of those bars, but I don't know the state of mind you'll get.  They just got done doing cocaine and crystal methamphetamine for 10 hours straight listening to banda music and 1980's glam rock while having to fuck people more than twice their age.  I mean how excited do you want them to be?

I would just call an escort if it were me.  I couldn't say what the top 2 agencies are because the only people I've called in the last few months have been ones that are already in my phone.  I'm not even sure if they still openly provide or not.  I haven't asked because I honestly don't care.  Just get online and find something you think you like.  There's not much of a difference in the end and it doesn't matter what I like, it matters what you like.  When I say I don't like a place, I'm called a stuck-up snob, and when I say I do like a place, I get called a shill.  So no more recommendations from me.  I'll give general opinions about what I think, but as far as specifics go, I'm just a little too tired of the name-calling and people trying to 'guess my angle' to deal with that.

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