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why references anyway?

Posted 5/16/2012 at 10:18:10 AM

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Why references anyhow? Like you said, how can you be sure you will get an honest response. She may lie to you to limit her competition. If you are worried about a client being LE, tell them to knock on your door with their pecker out.


Posted By: linda
I notice that since i been coming in and out of phila., that when i try to get references from some of my sisters in philly, they  tell me off,and i dont even know me... and hang up, or they dont call back, when i leave a vm.. when i needed a reference here..WHY??? So i lose out of the appt... The florida ladies, they help each other out, fast..I understand if you are in a meeting and cannot answer your phone, but afterwards the florida ladies will call you back?? Is it that you dont give out references here??? I just dont understand it?? If any ladies call me, i would be happy and willing to give a reference, I AM REFERENCE friendly..,Is it that the philly ladies are afraid to lose a client?? Plus it makes you ladies out here, look bad to your client that saw you, and use you as a reference,because now they are losing out on seeing a new proivder...This happen to me not just once , but a couple of times out here, Just wanna know WHY??? Thank you..sexxylinda

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