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Re: I find emailing them first is best....

Posted 5/16/2012 at 10:12:39 AM

A few points, from my experience:

When contacting a lady, I always pay attention to their preferred method of contact. For example, if my profile here says that I prefer email, I don't appreciate some strange lady contacting me with texts or calls on a Sunday. Giving a reference is a professional courtesy, and not an obligation, and should certainly not be abused.

Secondly, introduce yourself to her. Do not simply say "Hey, can I get a reference?". Discretion in this profession is of the utmost importance and if she does not know who you are, why should she waste her time screening YOU to figure out if YOU are someone she is willing to share with, especially after the gentleman has not contacted her?

Lastly, realize that you are here to make money and not friends. Get that "sisterhood" falacy out of your head. Unfortunately, this is kind of a catty business and many ladies are immature and competitive. I commend you for being reference-friendly, and good luck.


Posted By: linda
Hi Hun..
Yes the guys contacted these ladies..beforehand.. and one on the ladies told off the gent , she saw a few weeks also!!! not mention names dropping here...she curse him out, like a truck driver, for calling her for a reference, The gent call me back , and told me, and it was his only reference. He was a  new ter guy.. but no reviews yet on here.....I can go on and on...about other issues...But all i know is {Guys i am reference friendly>>>>}I am not saying all the Philly sisters out here are like this. by no means...Just some...the ones i  had  experience with....


Posted By: TrulyMsMocha
....also imo  the guy who is using these references should probably alert these ladies first that he'll be using them for another appt. I don't think your experience has ANYTHING to do with the Philly ladies in particular trust me. Just those individual ladies.  I have the same issue once in a blue moon from ladies in my area (D.C.).  It happens.

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