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just want to know something???

Posted 5/16/2012 at 2:07:09 AM

I notice that since i been coming in and out of phila., that when i try to get references from some of my sisters in philly, they  tell me off,and i dont even know me... and hang up, or they dont call back, when i leave a vm.. when i needed a reference here..WHY??? So i lose out of the appt... The florida ladies, they help each other out, fast..I understand if you are in a meeting and cannot answer your phone, but afterwards the florida ladies will call you back?? Is it that you dont give out references here??? I just dont understand it?? If any ladies call me, i would be happy and willing to give a reference, I AM REFERENCE friendly..,Is it that the philly ladies are afraid to lose a client?? Plus it makes you ladies out here, look bad to your client that saw you, and use you as a reference,because now they are losing out on seeing a new proivder...This happen to me not just once , but a couple of times out here, Just wanna know WHY??? Thank you..sexxylinda

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