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Interestingly Enough....

Posted 5/8/2012 at 5:36:33 AM

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....academic institutions have invested a TON of money in studying how and where adults tend to spend their time and money.  Your eyes could go fuzzy (and your palms a bit hairy) looking through the accepted and reviewed published studies, but there are some common points that I find surprising.  The interesting thing about it (and perhaps part of what puts this list into a sensible light) is that the majority of studies agree that the three principal predictors for purchase of pornography either hard goods (no pun intended) or online are:  social viewpoint (social conservatives are far more likely that social liberals to purchase porn), religious persuasion (there is a measurable direct correlation between religious orthodoxy and purchase of porn), and finances (apparently people in the lowest income quartile purchase far more porn than those in the highest quartile).

I'm not sure it applies across the board, but the Orlando area certainly seems to hit on all three cylinders here...

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