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Posted 11/21/2010 at 3:49:48 AM


Posted By: Seadweller234

I had a great time last weekend at Amnesia.  I am becoming a big fan of beautiful Mexican women.  I have been missing out on them.  Have done a little research and will probably go to a provider soon.  Any thoughts on Live Latin Angels?

Feel free to reco. someone else.

Thanks for your time,


I have not used them, but that's not because anyone I know has had bad service, I just find their selection below par - especially for the rate they charge.  Their selection seems very homely looking and the videos are basically a cell phone camera with blasting reject club music in the background while the girl moves her hips.  At first I was thinking "This must be a joke," but I'm afraid they're serious.

If you're looking for beautiful women, I would look elsewhere unless they have some talent not visible on their website.  Visible cosmetic scars and being overweight somewhat move them out of the "beautiful" category for me.  That and a few look like they've been hit in the face with a baseball bat.

The website says $100 an hour.  That's about $50 an hour too much for what I'm looking at.  I would possibly do it for $50, but a few conditions would apply:

Must be a night where finding another option is impossible.
10 minutes max, I'm not breaking a sweat for them.
They can't ask me my real name or what my hobbies are.
They're not allowed to use the shower here.

Under those conditions I would give it some thought.  As I said earlier though mate, if you're looking for beautiful, keep looking.  Let us know what you find please.

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