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The Backpage Boys...........

Posted 4/17/2012 at 1:07:34 AM

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First off this is not meant to make fun of advertizers on Back page. Well ok, there are a few out there that are really off the chart.  Actually this is meant for us fellas to make a bit of fun of ourselves.  

The rules??? We dont need no stinking rules with one exception,  DO NOT make fun of an individual.  

Gentlemen, if I can call you that,  post your "ad" replying to this post, not someone elses ad. And feel free to comment without being rude.

Ladies,  no voting till tomorrow.  Let everybody get in today.  You know how busy these boys can get.  Also ladies yall can shill a little rotflmao.  Also ladies you cannot put your ad here.  It wouldnt help your image at all being associated with our lame attempts lol.  

The winner will be appointed to the city council of Hobbywood as  the Director of Public Parks and Recreation.  You will be responsible to ensure the grass patches are all trimmed and looking good. IF you catch my drift.

Good Luck and may the mmmm  best mmmm  stud win!

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