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Re: Going to TJ for the first time

Posted 8/15/2010 at 5:32:16 PM

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The penal code you've "cited many times" does NOT say prostitution per se is illegal.  What it says is certain acts related to prostitution are illegal.

For example:  Pimping and pandering is illegal.  Having sex with a minor is illegal.  Contracting for sex with somebody who's drunk is illegal.  Solicitation in public is illegal.  Working without a health is illegal.  ssEtc. Etc. Etc.

What the statues don't say is that prostitution between sober, consenting adults is illegal.


Since when is a legal opinion hearsay?  And since does the opinion of somebody who has read the law take preference over the opinion of somebody licensed to practice law?


I'm still waiting for you to explain how a man who advises others to use a lemo in TJ because the cabs are too dirty isn't a snob, but, rather one of the "normal people" unlike a man who uses taxis in Tijuana.  

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