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Posted 8/15/2010 at 5:27:43 PM


Posted By: warren2010
I have been reading the reviews for some time now which prompted me to do this review.

It took a while, and now I have figured it all out. Baja bitches is also Tijuana Female Escorts and now also operating under the disguise of Sofies Friends. They all advertise exactly the same girls, so called college girls. Same college girl experience etc.
As a previous reviewer stated, strange how they can always be available if they are college girls. BS.
Talk about inflation, check out the new rates for the girls they have posted on the websites. They are up to $200 for a 2 hour visit and $150 for 1 hour. They have gone crazy. Worst of all is if these are college girls, they are getting screwed on commissions they have to pay back to Sofie and Jan. So much for working to pay school fees!!!!!

These unscrupulous pimps, in order to push the girls on to more clients, inform the clients that they will get a true girl friend experience, which means the girls have to do oral sex without protection. This is disgusting. These pimps have absolutely no regard for the safety and welfare of the girls and force them to have unprotected oral sex under the pretext of providing a GFE.
Guys, wake up! What do you think the consequences will be if you practice unsafe oral sex? Soon all these girls will be infected with all sorts of STD"S and probably aids from having unprotected oral sex.  They may as well have unprotected sex at the same time.
Guess what is going to happen? We were all going to start bringing back strange infections just from kissing a girl in TJ. I do not think this is what we need.
How can we send these pimps a message that they need to bring down their rates to a more realistic level and secondly to stop jeopardizing the health and welfare of these girls by making them perform unprotected oral sex?

Okay, the first part of the post I agree with, that the women are not anywhere close to being college educated.  This is some type of archetypal fantasy that plays into some type of lie that people want to believe.  Truth is, most escorts here have not finished prep school.  

I disagree with the other parts about "pimps" and how they "push women on to other clients".  These women engage in this profession voluntarily.  Most of the time it's because they have little or no skills, no academic background, and are not responsible enough to hold real jobs.  In addition, their income potential is higher doing this than doing something else on their skill level.

The unprotected oral sex part is also voluntary on their part.  I don't think anyone forces anyone to do anything.  The way to send a message to a service that you don't agree with their business practices is to not use them.  If others feel the same way you do, then the service will have to change policy, or be forced under.  $150 an hour is about 50% more than the going rate for outcall service.  Right now it's between $80-$100 USD for an hour.  If they want to charge $150, then by all means go ahead, but at that price level in comparison with the going rate, client retention will be difficult unless the women are simply stunning and entertaining to boot - which is doubtful.

I think your frustrations are better directed at the women themselves rather than the people that host the web space for them.  They decide where they want to work and what they want to do.  If you disagree with their choices, then you should have your disagreements with them and not the people that assist in coordinating their schedule.

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